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August 22, 2008

The Iceland Airwaves is scheduled for 15-19 October of this year. And as usual, it’s held at Reykjavik, the northern-most capital in the world. The Airwaves plays host to independent artists from all fathomable genres, performing in the hottest clubs of this icy capital over a period of five days. I’ve not heard of even one of the bands in the partial lineup that was recently announced.

But, as much as I want to catch a plane and fly over there (the festival’s prices are ridiculously low), I’m upto my neck with research and courses. I’m just hoping things take a turn for the milder sometime soon enough.

From the festival page:

“It’s 4 a.m. You’ve been to five cool clubs, seen ten great bands, made 15 new friends and fallen in love 20 times. You’re tired. You’re wired. You’re ready to find a bed. You’re ready to find the after-party. You can’t believe you’re here. You’re already making plans to come back next year. And guess what? It’s still Day One.”


Rod Y Gab

June 2, 2008

It’s been a few months since I last listened to Rod Y Gab, and I just stumbled across them a few days back. Reliving the acoustic dynamics that throbs from the guitars of this tempestuous duo, their melodious thumps made my heart convulse like never before. An excerpt from this review of their live performance at New York describes them as “Mariachi Metal”, a fitting description to this high-tempo metallic cadence:

It’s as if a roaming band of mariachis met up with a nomadic pack of Metallica die-hards on the road somewhere, and nine months later, two stars were born. One-part satanic rock, one-part angelic classical; sheer fuck-your-face acoustic awesomeness in totality.

I simply cannot wait to catch them live later this year.

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January 5, 2008

an2.jpg[From Anois’ MySpace page]

In the north of Germany two young kids try to build their own interpretation of these feelings. Far from the world, settled right on the top floor, with two dormer windows where the rain drips on when it’s unpleasant outside, the two kids record their fragile folk-electronica songs with simple instruments. They play guitar, melodica, fan organ, glockenspiel and other acoustic things, while the floorboards creak and the chairs rumble. Everything around is going to be recorded, when they use their voices. And then the glitchy blips and bleeps join the songs to get the taste of electronica.

Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier are Anois. Two voices that maybe remind you of your own lost heart or of your traces in the cold white snow, when it’s winter outside. It looks simple, but it really takes some time to understand.

Anois’ beautiful debut EP Tracery on a Frosted Window is freely available from the artist-embracing label Poni Republic.